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Manufacturer: Crossville
Series: Glass Blox
Wall Application
Contact Us about Crossville Glass Blox
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Inspired by the sunrise and the sea, morning's fresh dew and evening's soft shimmer, Glass Blox from Crossville brings life and light to your designs as only glass can.

From dazzling brights to subtly sensual neutrals, the enticing Glass Blox palette includes 44 tempting colors in a multitude of sizes. Showcase your flair for the dramatic with a cascading wall of mosaics, or add just a touch of sparkle, precisely placed for maximum impact.

Bright Solids:
GO01 Lime Shimmer
GO04 Green Glow
GO05 Glisten Green
GO07 Aqua Gleam
GO10 Jade Luster
GO12 Vivid Teal
GO14 South Sea
GO16 Mermaid
GO19 Clear Sky
GO20 Glacier
GO22 Aegean
GO24 Sapphire
GO26 Angel Fish
GO27 Blue Grotto
GO38 Lilac Dew
GO39 Amethyst
GO40 Purple Zing
GO53 Orange Sizzle
GO54 Grape Sparkle
GO57 Sunrise
GO58 Rose Aura
GO59 Flame
GO60 Dazzle Red
GO62 Lemon Zest
GO65 Citrine
GO66 Sunshine
G107 Sherry

Neutral Solids:
GO44 Honey
GO46 Iced Tea
GO47 Moonbeam
GO48 Black Magic
GO68 Dusk
GO70 Taupe Fog
GO71 Brandy
GO74 Blue Haze
GO76 Ocean Air
GO77 North Sea
GO80 Dewdrop
GO82 Olive Mist
GO83 Deep Sea
GO86 Desert Dawn
GO88 Champagne
G153 Coffee
G154 Latte

GB01 Moonbeam/Black Magic
GB02 Orange Sizzle/Flame/Dazzle Red
GB03 Angel Fish/Blue Grotto/Purple Zing
GB04 Moonbeam/Lemon Zest/Lime Shimmer
GB05 Moonbeam/Clear Sky/Aqua Gleam
GB06 Angel Fish/South Sea/Glacier
GB07 South Sea/Aegean/Blue Grotto
GB08 Mermaid/Vivid Teal/Sapphire
GB09 Sapphire/Mermaid/Aegean
GB10 Sunrise/Rose Aura/Flame
GB11 Blue Haze/Ocean Air/North Sea
GB12 Dewdrop/Olive Mist/Deep Sea
GB13BDusk/Taupe Fog/Brandy
GB14 Champagne/Honey/Iced Tea

1" x 1" Mosaics (mounted 12" x 12" sheet)
1/2" x 6"
2" x 4" (mounted 12" x 12" sheet)
4" x 4"
1/2" x 2" mosaic (mounted 12" x 12")

Photos and information courtesy of Crossville, Inc. For additional information, please visit the Crossville Web site.

Updated 8/2014

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